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Nups / Oct 19, 2017

We've had our fair share of casualties during this tier, but we've made it through ToS Mythic. Congratulations to everyone involved, the kill team, our reserves and supporters in the streams. The sheer exhaustion was apparent amongst the officers ...

Nups / Sep 15, 2017

Good job to everyone involved. We've had to jump some hoops with people quitting, trials being weird and TOS just being a drag, but we've regained a lot of ranks to be back amongst the top 250. Just KJ now, let's do it!

Nups / Jul 19, 2017

We will be spending a couple of days meeting up in Manchester this week. This means applications won't be handled until a few days after we're back. We're still looking to add a healer to our roster though!

Nups / Apr 27, 2017

A strong, independent team we are indeed. Who needs a raid leader when you've got the likes of Faramoney, Flub and Pledge wiping us in p2? As a reward, we get to do it again on Wednesday but not before we put our feet up first. Good job everyone &...

Nups / Apr 16, 2017

A week ago, we had a messy af pull but still managed to slap Elisande to the afterlife. Gul'dan soon to come.

Nups / Mar 20, 2017

132 wipes to the Frub mechanic, but then it finally happened. Good job boys and girls! (Almarac was well shit though)

Nups / Feb 27, 2017

First reset as Not Like This and we've managed to kill Tichondrius just before the legendary Gamon pull. Bigtea deserves some loving for sitting out after us officers didn't believe in the non holy-pally kill. He came in and reassured us to not wo...